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Leveraging Your Influence – European Retreat

September 2 / 2014 @ 1:30 pm - September 7 / 2014 @ 1:30 pm


This is the first European, immersion-learning Leveraging Your Influence retreat,  practicing visionary and co-creative leadership with Miki Kashtan

The Vision:

To accelerate the transition to a needs-based world by actively integrating the three aspects of nonviolence – LOVE, TRUTH, and COURAGE – into the very fabric of our everyday lives so they can serve as the foundation and organizing principle of our relationships and work in the world.

To access our own power and capacity for visionary leadership to lead by example with care and empathy in service of creating a world that serves life; at home, at work, in whatever context.

To learn to transform conflict into deeper mutual understanding in order to build effective collaborations (and stronger families, communities, and organizations); and to manifest our vision for ourselves and the world in creative ways that consider the needs of all.

About The Program:

Build up the internal foundations that make it possible for us to step into leadership in all areas of life: self-acceptance, acceptance, vulnerability, inner freedom, choice, and power.

Explore the practical aspects of visionary leadership engaging with others in authentic and caring ways; expressing power and care in group settings; and creating change in ever-growing circles in society and culture at-large, with the purpose of meeting the most needs for the most people.

Focus on real-life situations and practicing how to express this consciousness more spontaneously, authentically, and naturally, in contexts and language relevant to you.


  • Immersion learning in a co-created environment that encourages and requests self-connection and stepping into leadership
  • Unique body- and gesture-based exercises that help you access self-connection and self-empathy to move toward action and leadership
  • Role-plays and coaching that build your capacity to speak from your heart and: (1) build trust and connection in difficult conversations, (2) generate willingness to collaborate in groups, (3) experience freedom to want what you want fully and stay committed to strategies that work for all when seeking change
  • Attention to naturalizing NVC to contexts relevant to you and expanding the application of NVC beyond the specific focus on the language of feelings and needs
  • Facilitators’ Track and personalized coaching from Miki
  • Access to a growing community of compassionate change-makers and ongoing support for leveraging your influence in the world.

Leadership in Facilitation Track (FT)

Individuals with special interest in leading groups and organizations collaboratively and from a spirit of service are invited to register for the Facilitation Track. During lunchtime meetings, Miki shares insights about the visionary leadership that she models, and offers coaching, tips, and advice on how to balance holding all needs with efficient, effective, and purposeful engagement.

This track also includes additional time with Miki, along with one-on-one and group coaching, with a focus on immediate opportunities to apply new learning and share leadership with Miki in this retreat by facilitating activities, supporting the design team, and helping to shape the flow day-to-day. This level of involvement and service is a primary opportunity to deepen the co-creative learning experience and to practice the living interdependence of NVC.

For participants that decided to get involved with FT the retreat ends one day later than for the rest of the group – on 8th of September, after lunch. Participation in FT is connected to a different price for the retreat – check below.

What people are saying about “Leveraging Your Influence”

“Through BayNVC’s Leveraging Your Influence program, I have become clearer about what I want and have stepped into my power to move towards my vision. I have connected with others and acquired many of the skills/resources needed.” – A.M.

“LYI was a safe space for me to uncover my blocks and work through them with support and transformative exercises.” – E.S.

“This project taps into me continuing to be me!” – G. S.

“I so enjoyed Miki’s perspectives on power & leadership, her distinctions and clarity — I feel inspired to know a way to live that feels more whole and connected.”

“Miki shared verbally and also modeled many things every day that I hope to take into my life as empowering learnings, questions to explore, ways of seeing… There is not enough space here to say even 5% of what I have received…” – P.K.

“I feel and see the benefits of participating in LYI and learning with Miki every single day, in the way that I relate to myself, and in the ways that I’m more empowered, loving, and a little more brave in the world. The way that Miki teaches and models visionary leadership, love and power in action, is a profound gift.” – U. L.

Requested Contribution

Early bird price until 30 April 2014:
For regular participation: 1550 PLN (around 380 Euro)
For Facilitator Track: 2050 PLN (around 500 Euro)

From May, 1st, the prices will be:
For regular participation: 1750 PLN (around 450 Euro)
For Facilitator Track: 2250 PLN (around 560 Euro)

PLEASE NOTICE that the payment needs to be done in Polish zlotys (PLN). Prices in Euro are only for rough information and can change depending on the date and ratio.

Room and Board Costs

Room and board costs are in addition to the tuition amount. These are non-negotiable and required by our host venue.

PLEASE NOTICE that the payment needs to be done in Polish zlotys (PLN). Prices in Euro are only for rough information and changes depending on the date and ratio.

Single room with washbasin & board: 805 PLN for retreat (5 nights) or 960 PLN (6 nights), around 200 Euro for retreat (5 nights) or 240 Euro (6 nights)
Double room with bathroom & board: 855 PLN (5 nights) or 1020 PLN (6 nights) around 220 Euro for retreat (5 nights) or 255 Euro (6 nights)
Triple room with bathroom & board: 805 PLN (5 nights) or 960 PLN (6 nights), around 185 Euro for retreat (5 nights) or 240 Euro (6 nights)
Triple room with washbasin & board: 730 PLN (5 nights) or 870 PLN (6 nights), around 185 Euro for retreat (5 nights) or 220 Euro (6 nights)
Double room with washbasin & board: 780 PLN (5 nights) or 930 PLN (6 nights), around 195 Euro for retreat (5 nights) or 240 Euro (6 nights)
Commuter with coffee services: 20 PLN/day or 100 PLN for retreat (6 days) or 120 (6 days)
Commuter with full board and coffee services: 90 PLN/ day or 480 PLN (5 days) or 570 PLN (6 days)
Commuter with lunch and coffee services: 65 PLN/ day or 355 PLN (6 days) or 422 PLN (6 days)

Roommates can be requested or will be assigned. Accommodations include delicious vegetarian or non-vegetarian meals.

Payment and Refund Policy

We accept payment for tuition in full within 7 days from sending the reservation form or in maximum three installments: 30% within seven days from sending the reservation form, 30% until 31 May 2014 and 40% until 30 June 2014.

In case of resignation until 30 June 2014 we will return the payment paid so far minus 10% of administration fee. After June, 30, 2014 payment will not be returned and you can name the person you would like to transfer the place to.

Payment for accommodation and board should be made directly to the venue (you will receive the account numbers in the return e-mail when you send the reservation form). Payment of 30% to be paid untill the 31 st of May 2014 and the remainder of the payment is to be paid on place before the training.

In case of resignation untill 30 of June 2014 the venue will return the payment paid so far minus 10% of administation fee. After June, 30, 2014 payment will not be returned and you can name the person you would like to transfer the place to.

How to Register

Please complete the registration form. Please select your track  (regular or facilitator), what type of room and what kind of meals (vegetarian, non-vegetarian, gluten-free; in case of special dietary needs please specify and we will check if it is possible to organize). Provide your phone number and a person to contact in urgent cases. If you have questions about the course, we are happy to talk with you. Email us at lyinvceurope@gmail.com


This program is open all, at any level of experience with Nonviolent Communication. We ask that you self-select to attend based on your resonance with (1) the belief that the vision described above can transform your life and the world and (2) a desire within you to play an active role in that transformation.


We are not planning to translate the whole retreat into Polish. Some parts at some moments may be translated (depends on participants needs).

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September 2 / 2014 @ 1:30 pm
September 7 / 2014 @ 1:30 pm
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Ewa Panufnik and Agnieszka Klimek


Obory Palace
ul. Literatów 2
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