Fundraising & Development


The BayNVC core team is excited to be investing in the functioning and sustainability of our Fearless Heart project by having a dedicated person on staff who would be doing fundraising and development for the Fearless Heart.

We envision the work including supporting existing donor involvement, mostly through the Circle of Support, as well as identifying specific fundable projects and employing a combination of donations (including crowdfunding) and foundation grants to support a variety of potential projects to become realities.

Because this is a brand new position, the ideal candidate is someone who is enough of a visionary and enough of a practical implementer to be able to both create a plan and then implement it at the detail level with limited administrative support. Experience with and passion about NVC are essential to be able to understand, frame, and excite others about the work. In addition, a commitment to collaboration, open communication, and generosity even under stress is essential to making our work the joy we all want it to be. We are committed to a large vision of creating change in the world, and are willingly rolling up our sleeves to do what is needed to do our part in bringing about those changes. We hope to find a candidate that will complement what we already have on the team.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Developing and continually adapting a fundraising plan for The Fearless Heart in collaboration with Miki and others
  • Building an infrastructure to work with existing and potential donors
  • Cultivating relationships with foundations
  • Making radical, visionary projects concrete and accessible to potential funders
  • Organizing fundraising events
  • Applying for grants
  • Participating in strategic conversations


  • Job starts January 2017 or as soon thereafter as we make a hire
  • Half time to start, may increase later as funding increases
  • Working principally from home, one day a week at Miki’s house
  • Salary: $27,000 – $30,000 (for half time), negotiable depending on needs, experience, and qualifications



The ideal candidate will have relevant experience in the above areas and a demonstrated ability to grow into new areas as needed.

General Skills

  • Capacity to make decisions and complete tasks with minimal direction
  • Ease with working independently as well as collaborating with others
  • Strong communication skills
  • Excellent writing, especially within an NVC framework
  • Ease in connecting with people and providing customer care
  • Capacity to engage in research and learning
  • Facility with implementing new systems
  • Great at building connections with people
  • Familiarity with Miki’s work and active passion for making it sustainable over time and beyond her life

Technical Skills

  • Strong computer skills and ease of learning new software and databases
  • Excellent skills with Microsoft Office
  • Familiarity with web-based tools such as Dropbox, Box, Google docs, and other on-line systems
  • Familiarity with Network for Good donor tools
  • Facility with crowdfunding sites


A complete application includes the following:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • A description of a sample project for which you’ve spearheaded the funding process, with additional info on how you approached getting funding for that project
  • Answers to the questions below as a way to explore the level of fit between your interests, wishes, and needs and what we are looking for:
    • What attracts you to supporting the Fearless Heart?
    • What do you initially see as a potential path forward for funding the Fearless Heart?
    • What is important for you in being part of a team? What qualities do you offer? What supports you in thriving?

Note: a list of potential future projects is available upon request to prospective applicants who request it after submitting resume and cover letter and before submitting the remaining items.

To apply, please send your materials to


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