Circle of Support

Miki’s Match: Good news update from Miki’s September celebrations page:

  • We met the match! And way sooner than expected!
  • I am grateful to all who have contributed, from the smallest amount to the largest amount.
  • My increased capacity to do the longer term work that I’ve been engaged with this year is directly related to these funds coming in, and we have an amazing opportunity to create more capacity for the coming years.
  • I would love to imagine that someone reading this will consider stepping in with a significant pledge joining the matching fund energy to seed the giving season.
  • Even without a matching fund to double your contribution, any amount given, especially as a monthly contribution to the Circle of Support, directly increases this capacity.
Make Miki’s Match – Launched April 2017

We have been immensely fortunate this year to receive matching funds totaling $45,000. This has never happened before.  Miki’s Match is an opportunity to invite new people into the Circle of Support and current donors to participate in this exciting campaign.  

The Circle of Support is the main source of sustaining Miki’s ability to write and teach without financial worry.    We invite you to consider contributing financially — make a one-time contribution or create a recurring donation to the Match Campaign in order to support our efforts to share Miki’s work at new levels across communities.

We want to approach money with honesty, humility, and care. It is vitally important to us that everyone can trust that Miki only wants to receive money if it’s truly freely given, out of your desire to support something you believe in; only what you are moved to give, if you are, and only if you are able to do so without hardship, resentment or expectation.



For Current Donors:

If you currently support the Circle of Support and want to contribute financially to Miki’s Match, then you can increase your monthly gift, knowing that the first 12 months of your added gift count towards the matching grant, and your ongoing gift contributes to a stronger foundation of support going forward. Another choice is to give a one-time additional amount without changing your monthly contribution. Please contact Margo Dunlap, to assist with any changes to your recurring contribution,  or, current donors may log in to update donation information directly through our processing partner, Network for Good.

See Archive – Circle of Support for full history of Miki’s experiment with the gift economy.

Join the Circle of Support to contribute to making possible the continued and sustainable work towards our dreams.