If you’re inspired by Miki’s work and would like to offer support, here are some areas where you could help. If you have a particular skill to offer and do not see it below, contact us and let us know. We may find some creative opportunities for you.


You know those moments when a conversation clicks and a key concept is newly crystalized? Miki has been taking note of these as they come up during her conference calls, and we are looking for volunteers to transcribe them from call recordings. Often the gems happen during paid teleclasses, which the transcriptionist will get to listen to for free. Some might be conversations between Miki and her collaborators that you otherwise would never hear. Miki and the Fearless Heart team take the transcriptions and make them into blog posts, articles, and teaching materials, so this job helps Miki share her tools and her vision.

Other support for Miki’s writing

This includes tasks such as research, review and assessment of workshop transcripts to categorize and assign to different writing projects, feedback on writing samples, and a host of others that change with each writing project.

Publicity, Radio shows

On the first day of Donald Trump’s presidency, we shared a link to an 8-minute interview, “How You Can Truthfully Impact CHANGE, Even Through Opposition!,” that Miki did on KGO Radio on Jan 16, Martin Luther King day. You can listen to it here.

Miki enjoys doing interviews about these topics she cares so deeply about. If you can facilitate this with your contacts, or if you know someone else who can, please contact us.


  • Hosting and tech support for Miki’s free calls
  • Photographing live workshops and meetings (professional quality)
  • Videotaping and livestreaming events
  • Video editing (professional quality)
  • Creating a slide show of photos from Miki’s work around the world

Tech support

  • Ongoing small amount of tech support for her computer (must be local to the Bay Area)
  • Ongoing tech support with web-related projects

Administrative and personal support

  • Support with managing Miki’s tasks and schedule
  • Support with very high-level Microsoft Word features (such as styles, templates, etc)
  • Personal assistance while traveling, requiring someone who can fly places with Miki and offer personal assistance and support along the way, thereby having access to attend Miki’s workshops and retreats anywhere in the world