Individual Actions

This page is a list of resources about what individuals can do to take a step away from the exchange and accumulation economy (aka capitalism). If you have other resources that might be added to this list, email here.


This app lets the user find out info about the company that makes a product in question, including what company owns that company and what other companies are owned by that company.

Users can set criteria for what they want to support and avoid by choosing “campaigns” preloaded into the app. For example: “Demand GMO Labeling,” “Avoid Koch Enterprises,” “Support Bicycle Friendly Businesses” and “Justice for Bangladesh.” There are other campaigns to boycott companies that contribute to income inequality by overpaying executives and/or underpaying workers, chocolate companies that use slave labor, and companies that use animal testing for their products.

Right after users scan the product, they have the ability to tweet, call or e-mail corporations via the app.