Project Manager for Miki Kashtan

Note: This is a new job description that replaces the one we posted in January 2020.


We are looking for a passionate, visionary, and self-directed individual to join Miki’s team as a half-time project manager of all that she holds, working directly with Miki with the aim of maximizing potential to bring her work into the world. The scope of the work is as wide-ranging as is Miki’s work, including, for example:

  • discerning where is most effective for Miki to put her attention
  • supporting her with managing priorities
  • attending to Miki’s communication
  • assisting with generating resources to support the work
  • liaising through own initiative with others who support Miki’s work
  • publishing books
  • producing and launching materials

For a candidate who is a true fit, this role would be a gift: we operate in a purpose and values fueled, fully transparent, and needs-based collaborative environment; we are deeply rigorous about relational integrity, tending to relationship as much as necessary to attend effectively to purpose; we invite a candidate’s full creativity, ingenuity, wisdom, and mobilization towards the utmost realization of this work. This is an intensive opportunity to actively apply nonviolence.

The ideal candidate is passionate about and has a deep familiarity with Miki’s work, a strong sense of order, and an intuitive orientation of shaping things rather than relying on others to provide instructions.

Areas of responsibility

This position mostly entails attending to responsibilities that have either not been held at all or done by Miki and thus taking away from her capacity to focus ever more fully on her own direct contribution. These will be shaped, over time, between you and Miki, with consultation from others within and outside the team based on experience and capacity. As such, some of the areas below are more granular and detailed than others which are more of an overview of what’s needed than clearly identified and understood tasks. We identify below which are new areas.

Project Management for Miki

This is the heart of this new position. The essential purpose of the this role is to be of support to Miki in all she is doing, and doing so from a leadership perspective of holding the whole with her rather than receiving instructions from her.

The role may include managing some of Miki’s correspondence, managing Miki’s task list, and generally offering whatever support is needed to make Miki’s work as streamlined and easy as possible.

While Miki has had personal assistants on and off over the years, the level of consistent attention and overall holding of all that her work entails has never been held by anyone except Miki herself. Building this role will entail experimentation and collaboration with Miki to identify the optimal distribution of decision-making and action between the two, as well as engaging with others within the team, all of them very part time, for optimizing communication, agreements, and flow.

a. Correspondence

As Miki is now chronically beyond capacity to attend to all that comes to her attention, this new role will involve identifying ways to ease her load, developing relationships with Miki’s supporters and collaborators, and more. Given the newness of this option, it is hard to list specifics, as those will need to be developed by you.

b. Task Management

  1. Working with Miki to identify the most optimal system for managing tasks
  2. Identify priorities and support Miki in sticking with them
  3. Track everything Miki is doing so that open loops are closed more consistently

c. Other

  1. Identify tasks that can be released by Miki and assigning them to self or others
  2. Develop better infrastructure in support of Miki’s work as needed and possible
  3. Support Miki in identifying other roles, over time, that can be assigned in full to others (e.g. fundraising for core aspects of her work, initiating projects that have been languishing for lack of capacity on her part, etc.)
  4. Giving input into a variety of items such as complex correspondence, proposals, Miki’s bio, and more.
  5. Initiate, track, and coordinate everything necessary to sustain the overall functioning of Miki’s work and those who support it (all very part time)

Shaping the Overview of Materials Production

This part of the role will involve working with Emma Quayle who is the current project manager of the Materials Project. The purpose of this project is to support Miki in completing the long- term task of codifying, writing, and making available all that she has developed in the last 25 years. The role includes:

  1. Being part of the team clarifying overall vision and direction for the work
  2. Supporting Emma with project management
  3. Potentially taking on the full project at a later date depending on Emma’s capacity to continue holding it and candidate’s familiarity with the work.

Production and Administration

This part of the role includes coordinating the transfer of completed work from the editors, finding Creative Commons images and posting pieces on Miki’s blog (including two cross-posting sites), publishing books, producing and launching online courses, and some miscellaneous other/administrative tasks. Most of this part of the role has been consistently cared for since 2012, and there will be support available to answer questions and to orient to the culture and agreements that currently exist.

a. Production

  1. Posting blog posts: The blog is posted at three locations: The Fearless Heart (TFH), Tikkun, and Psychology Today. Each has a somewhat different content management system
  2. Maintaining an index of blog posts on the website
  3. Moderating blog comments and the rare other comments left on TFH Respond if need be (e.g. someone commenting on the Without Flinching page that they couldn’t download the novel would require emailing them the novel)
  4. Finding images for the blog posts and for Miki’s newsletters
  5. Maintaining a collection of photos of Miki and her work around the world for use with website, content, and elsewhere
  6. Updating Miki’s writings page on TFH as new things are published
  7. Formating to publisher’s specifications for other venues
  8. Publishing Miki’s books: Miki’s first three books were published on CreateSpace. There is no specific reason to continue to use a site that is now owned by Amazon with all the challenges this means. Another platform is entirely plausible, so long as there is the capacity to easily sell books online. One of Miki’s books is ready for this phase of the work, and it’s likely that some of the other 12 books on Miki’s list will be self-published also. You would be responsible for all aspects of publishing, including overseeing design.
  9. Publishing other people’s books through TFH: Currently TFH has already published a book by someone else and there may be others down the line. (Note: We have bar codes ready to use, pre-bought.)
  10. Completing the production and launching of Making Life Work, a self-study online course, including outreach and maintenance of the platform (Teachable) (Note: this is a new kind of task within this role, and there is no guidance for it from anyone except the consultant who developed the online version of the course.)
  11. Working with Miki and content developer to potentially prepare additional courses in the future
  12. Stewarding outreach and promotion of Miki’s and others’ books and products that are produced through TFH (This, too, is an entirely new part of the role, though we have people within BayNVC who have such experience from elsewhere.)

Administrative tasks

  1. Receiving book orders and queries for Miki’s three print books that TFH published; email the enquirers info on cost and the ordering process; create and send invoices on BayNVC’s PayPal; when paid, fulfill orders on the CreateSpaceKDP/Amazon site
  2. Providing reports on book sales periodically on occasional request
  3. Being available for other admin tasks as needed


  • Easy relating
  • Capacity to stand up and to then also defer without loss of dignity
  • Tons of initiative (e.g. learning about publishing, thinking about whether or not to get other authors, strategic thinking about ways that Miki can become more effective in her work, etc.)
  • Active and ongoing integration of NVC principles and practices
  • Capacity to be the main holder of the well-being of the relationship
  • A systems orientation to relationships and to collaboration within teams
  • Capacity to give and receive feedback within a commitment to deep collaboration


  • Essential:
    • Exceptional writing skills with the ability to write from within a systemic NVC framework.
    • General ease with various platforms (google doc, Word, Excel, Teachable, etc.)
  • Ideal:
    • Understanding of the publishing world and how to produce and package content that emerges from outside the mainstream
    • Understanding of global politics and economics
    • Significant familiarity with Miki’s approach

Work environment

  • BayNVC is an entirely virtual workplace. We meet weekly on Zoom for check-in and light meeting. We are spread around, including across the Atlantic. We are in the process of creating new agreements about how we work together.
  • We aim for a needs-based approach to money, such that each person speaks for what they need and, together, through group dialogue, we reach clarity about our respective pay 3-4 times a year. At present, only individual arrangements are made and they are fundamentally based on needs rather than exchange or market value.
  • We take as much time off as we need to sustain our well being while doing work that is often demanding and at times intense.
  • We are committed to sustaining deep collaboration, maintaining full transparency in all our activities, and mutually supporting one another to stepping fully into offering ourselves into the world.
  • Our decision-making is distributed and our aim is to incorporate more systematically the principles of the Advice Process as described by Frederic Laloux with modifications based on our own experiences in working within BayNVC and with other organizations.


This is a more-or-less half-time position with completely flexible hours. Given the nature of the work, including Miki’s travel, the unpredictable cycle of production, and more, we anticipate the actual number of hours will fluctuate considerably over time. As this is largely a new role, actual hours will need to be worked out between the candidate and Miki to find what works, though we anticipate it will end up being between 15 and 30 hours a week.


Please complete the following in application to this role:

  • Résumé
  • Cover letter including answers to the questions below as a way to explore the level of fit between your interests, wishes and needs and what we are looking for:
    • What attracts you to taking on this role?
    • How will this role support your vision for yourself?
    • What aspects of Miki’s work are particularly inspiring for you, and why?
    • How do you see yourself contributing in this job? What in your experience in project management do you believe would be most helpful in this role?
    • How do you envision an ideal relationship between you and Miki? In particular, in times when challenges arise, how do you envision sorting through differences or providing feedback?
    • What aspects of the role do you imagine being a challenge for you? What support do you currently have in your life and what additional support would you need in order to engage with these challenges?
    • How would you pitch to a publisher one of Miki’s articles or books?

Please send your application to

The position will remain open until fulfilled.