Project and Content Manager for Miki Kashtan

Note: Below is a heavily shortened and simplified version of the full job description for this role. If on reading this you sense you are a fit and want to know more, please follow this link to view the full description, which also contains details on how to apply.


We are looking for a passionate, visionary, and self-directed individual to join Miki’s team as project manager of all that she holds as well as content manager (including production and editing of content) for the Fearless Heart. This is a full-time position working directly with Miki with the aim of maximizing potential to bring her work into the world.

For a candidate who is a true fit, this role would be a gift: we operate in a purpose and values fueled, fully transparent, and needs-based collaborative environment; we are deeply rigorous about relational integrity, tending to relationship as much as necessary to attend effectively to purpose; we invite a candidate’s full creativity, ingenuity, wisdom, and mobilization towards the utmost realisation of this work. This is an intensive opportunity to actively apply nonviolence.

The ideal candidate is passionate about and has a deep familiarity with Miki’s work, a strong sense of order, and an intuitive orientation of shaping things rather than relying on others to provide instructions.

Areas of Responsibility

Project Management for Miki

This is the heart of this new position. While this description includes specifics within this role, the essential purpose of the overall job is to be of support to Miki in all she is doing, and doing so from a leadership perspective of holding the whole with her rather than receiving instructions from her. Building this role will entail experimentation and collaboration with Miki to identify the optimal distribution of decision-making and action between the two, as well as engaging with others within the team. Responsibilities in this part of the job include:

  1. Correspondence: Identifying ways to ease Miki’s load
  2. Task Management: Identifying the most optimal system for managing tasks.
  3. Other: Developing better infrastructure in support of Miki’s work as needed and possible, editing correspondence, and tracking and coordination to sustain overall functioning

Managing and Shaping the Overview of Materials Production

This part of the role involves clarifying the direction of the work, ascertaining where there are gaps, and creating pathways to fill them that care for and potentiate all available resources.

It includes:

  1. Shaping the overall direction of the work and directing the resource of Miki’s attention towards gaps in the production of materials.
  2. Caring for current materials by developing a team, structure for working, and coordinating the work this team does.

Editing and Production

  1. The editing part of the role includes copy-editing and proofing blog posts, newsletters, articles, books, book proposals, and book chapters for others’ books.
  2. The production part of the role includes posting blog posts, finding Creative Commons images and posting pieces on Miki’s blog (including two cross-posting sites), publishing books, producing and launching online courses, and some miscellaneous other/administrative tasks.


  • Easy relating
  • Capacity to stand up and to then also defer without loss of dignity
  • Tons of initiative (e.g. learning about publishing, thinking about whether or not to get other authors, strategic thinking about ways that Miki can become more effective in her work, etc.)
  • Active and ongoing integration of NVC principles and practices
  • Capacity to be the main holder of the well-being of the relationship
  • A systems orientation to relationships and to collaboration within teams
  • Capacity to give and receive feedback within a commitment to deep collaboration


  • Exceptional writing skills
  • General ease with various platforms (google doc, Word, Excel, Teachable, etc.)
  • Flexible capacity for editing (ranging from light to complete structural editing)
  • Understanding of the publishing world and how to produce and package content that emerges from outside the mainstream
  • Understanding of global politics and economics
  • Ideally: significant familiarity with Miki’s written work

Work environment

  • BayNVC is an entirely virtual workplace. We meet weekly on Zoom for check-in and light meeting. We are spread around, including across the Atlantic.
  • We aim for a needs-based approach to money, such that each person speaks for what they need and, together, through group dialogue, we reach clarity about our respective pay 3-4 times a year. At present, only individual arrangements are made and they are fundamentally based on needs rather than exchange or market value.


This is a full-time position with completely flexible hours. Given the nature of the work, including Miki’s travel, the unpredictable cycle of production, and more, we anticipate the actual number of hours will fluctuate considerably over time. What we mean by “full time” is along the lines of assuming that it would be challenging for anyone fulfilling this responsibility to engage in significant other work projects.