Product Owner for “Making Life Work”


We are seeking a candidate to join the Fearless Heart team to share ownership of bringing to completion and launching a self-study course for learning NVC. Originally designed by Miki, this course now has a producer and we are searching for someone who can take full ownership of bringing the finished course to the world.

Our candidate would initially work with the producer to assess what’s needed for completion, and then independently to launch the course and maintain ongoing momentum in promotion and income generation.

We anticipate it taking a year to get to launching the product which could be as early as May 2018.

We have a unique environment in that this is a laboratory for all that we teach and bring to the world. We apply what we learn in our team to the work that we bring to the world, and what we learn from our clients to our work with each other. This is at times exhilarating and inspiring, and at times really challenging work that calls us to stretch and grow beyond what is expected and supported by the world’s dominant social structures. One core aspect of our work together is significant and ongoing experimentation with collaboration and power sharing. We have also taken some steps in the direction of embracing need-based (as distinct from exchange- or market-based) approaches to money, including, more and more, our own salaries.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Creating a fiscal plan to steward existing investment and generate income over the life of the product
  • Designing and implementing a crowdfunding strategy in collaboration with others on the team to complement the funding that’s already committed
  • Deciding on formats, packaging, and related elements with producer for marketing purposes
  • Working with producer and team to complete physical production
  • Developing and implementing a publicity plan intended to branch beyond the NVC community


This is a highly responsible and independent position where new logistical, technological, and infrastructural challenges are likely to arise frequently, requiring the candidate to be able to problem solve, learn, and immediately apply new skills and capacities.

Because of this, we are looking for a sense of fit more than a list of skills. “Fit” here refers both to the qualities below as well as to alignment with the way we work.


  • Motivation:
    • Determination and persistence in reaching goals
    • Passion, enthusiasm, and total commitment
    • Inner-directedness
    • Honed intuition and self-trust
    • Commitment to solving problems as they arise
  • Vision:
    • Strategic thinking
    • Bold vision and sense of purpose
  • Use of resources:
    • Ability to learn easily and implement whatever is needed for a project to succeed
    • Strength in creating systems and infrastructure for highly efficient operations
  • Relationships:
    • Intuitive understanding and experience in reaching people where they are
    • Full ease with both people and data
    • Ability to interface with consultants, staff, and anyone who is involved with the project
  • Service:
    • Orientation towards unconditional giving and unconditional receiving
    • Satisfaction through higher purpose rather than material gain
    • Need-based (rather than merit-based) orientation to money
  • Other:
    • Exceptional writing capability
    • Flexibility in adapting to changing circumstances

Desired experience and knowledge

  • Business planning
  • Budgets
  • Marketing
  • Social media
  • Customer service
  • Ease with technology

In addition, for this project to succeed the ideal candidate will need to be fully aligned with the radical vision that infuses all of Miki’s work and function as a bridge-builder between that vision and the reality of where the world is.


  • This project can be done from anywhere
  • Start time is flexible, with minimal work initially and more when the product is ready, in 2018
  • Financial arrangements will be determined jointly based on candidate’s and our needs, funding streams available, and the business plan generated


A complete application includes the following:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Sample business plan and/or marketing plan you have prepared in the past for any product or business
  • Answers to the questions below as a way to explore the level of fit between your interests, wishes, and needs and what we are looking for:
    • What attracts you to taking on this project?
    • How would you approach the task of creating a business plan and a marketing plan for this project?
    • What are your top three questions you would like us to address to help you decide if this position is for you?

Please send your application to

Note: After reviewing applications, the next step will be an interview and a discussion about creating a business plan.

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