A Love Letter to My Brothers

by Miki Kashtan

(Below is an excerpt of the article that you can find on Medium)


No. patriarchy is not about men. No, it’s not your fault. It has actually happened to you no less than it’s happened to me. Yes, it affects us, women, very differently. And no, we are not immune to internalizing it and passing it on, like you. Even if differently, we all suffer from it.

What I want, what I am putting all my efforts into, is to create, with others, a field of love strong enough to surround the patriarchal field. To surround patriarchy with love. Because nothing else will do. Because fighting against patriarchy is still within the paradigm of scarcity, separation, and powerlessness that patriarchy is made up of. There is no way to “win” against patriarchy, because against-ness, in itself, is a patriarchal orientation. Until and unless we can subvert the logic of separation through bringing in enough love, we will remain, all of us, locked within it even as our collective experience, on a superficial plane, may be made up of benefits for some (not all of whom are men) at the expense of most (not all of whom are women). The difference remains superficial, in my way of seeing it, even as femicides are increasing, because all of us suffer and all of us participate in a system that is destroying life on our precious planet. And that includes you.

“Holding the dragon with love”

Full article to be read on Medium


“Holding the dragon with love”, drawings by Vesta Kroese (left) and Emma Quayle (right)

A Boy Surrounded by other Children, by Вениамин Курочкин, on Pexels


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