Introducing the List of Blog Posts

index-finger-303579_640Miki wrote her first blog post, Why Write a Blog?, in February 2010. She has written hundreds of posts since then. The first ones were short, but later posts became increasingly substantial. Some later appeared, revised, as chapters in her books.

Every one of these posts is deeply considered. Miki has a great respect for accuracy of language. She usually writes fast, but never casually. These posts repay study.

So now we are making a list of her posts available. See dates, titles and links for all posts here. We try to remember to add more as they are written.

The search bar on (bottom of each page) works well to help you find specific words, names, or ideas (in everything on the site, not just the blog). However, if you want to get a sense of the range of topics Miki has covered in the blog, use the list.

The first four years of the list link to Miki’s old site. All those posts were moved mechanically to the new site, but some formatting and comments were lost. So it may be best to read them on the old site. If you click on the title of a post on the old site, it will send you to that post on the new site: see which reads best. I have only taken time to manually reformat a few.

As the editor for Miki’s posts for its first six years, I have learned a great deal and been changed in deeper ways than even I probably know. I feel tremendous gratitude for the ways my association with Miki, and the editing of this blog and her books, have enriched my life.

I won’t even attempt to describe the vast range of Miki’s topics. Check them out here.

Dave Belden

Credit: Image from Pixabay. License: CC0 Public Domain / FAQ