How to add or change a learning packet

The learning packets are stored as Woocommerce Products in the backend of the website.

  1. ADD NEW PRODUCT: Go to Product menu and choose “Add New” – or just click here
  2. EDIT A PACKET – click on Product in the left-hand menu in the wordpress admin (website backend), then click on the product you want to edit (for example, here’s the PBT one)

The image below shows you what to do

  1. set title
  2. check “Virtual” and “Downloadable”
  3. Set price to 0, not nothing
  4. Upload the learning packet document
  5. Put the description into the “Product short description” box – indicate number of pages, AND …
  6. Add the following text to the description, adjusting the [PRICE] accordingly:
    “Please consider your needs and ours, and read the text on the main page to help you think through what you are able and willing to give in support of Miki’s work and BayNVC’s sustainability as we bring work to the world now and in the future. If you cannot give anything, you can still receive the packet by entering zero in the box below. If you’d prefer to have ease and clarity, choose $[PRICE]”
  7. Set “Product Image” – add an image to show what the document looks like (you can create this by taking a screenshot of the PDF, or using a PDF tool to “Export to image”)
  8. Save it!


To find the link for this new packet: Once you’ve saved the product and the tab has reloaded, you’ll see the “Permalink” just under the title. Right click and choose “Copy link”. It’s now copied to the clipboard.




You now have to add that link to the new product in the Learning Packets page.

Find the text for the new packet (they’re all already listed there), and add a link to the product – you can do this by selecting the text you want to be the link, pressing “Control K”, and pasting in the link you copied. Don’t forget to save the page.

NOTE: If you had trouble copying the link, you can also try typing a part of the name of the packet (after the Control K bit) – it will think for a moment then hopefully find it for you (as long as you’ve loaded this page SINCE saving the new packet!) – click on it to select it.