April 10, 2015: The job advertised below has just been filled. Our thanks and appreciation to all who applied, who have been notified.

Job Description: Core-Support Collaborator


We (BayNVC) are seeking a candidate for a full-time position in support of Miki Kashtan’s work. A motivated candidate will have a unique opportunity to create an entirely new position from scratch and to work both independently and in collaboration with Miki and the entire BayNVC team in support of increasing the effectiveness and reach of Miki’s work. The main hope we have for this role is to free up Miki’s time so she can do more writing and new project work.

The ideal candidate is passionate about and has deep familiarity with Miki’s work, a strong intellectual bent, and an intuitive orientation of shaping things rather than relying on others to provide detailed instructions. While our wish list is long and comprehensive, we generally follow the guideline of hiring for cultural fit and training for skill.

We have a unique environment in that this is a laboratory of sorts for what true collaboration is when a clear visionary leader is present. As Adriana, our operations coordinator, said: “I am really happy to be in the minority of people who have such a collaborative and conflict free relationship with their ‘boss’ (that word is completely unfitting for Miki btw).” This experiment invites all of us into stretching.

Areas of Responsibility

What is described below could easily expand to a considerable extent in several directions. As a result, the candidate needs to be able to recognize their own limits, to frequently check with Miki as to priorities, and to be content with the possible. Perfection in this job requires acceptance of not being perfect.

Tracking and management

  • Participate in as many of Miki’s activities as possible (e.g. attend meetings, workshops, phone classes)
  • Attend to all follow-up tasks, ranging from administrative details such as sending of materials all the way to management and relationship-building such as planning teaching tours
  • Manage Miki’s to do list, including prioritizing her tasks
  • Solicit, engage, and coordinate volunteers for all possible projects and tasks
  • Be available to support Miki in routine and unexpected ways in her daily life
  • Participate in strategic design and prioritizing of Miki’s engagements


  • Catalog all existing recordings, videos, and notes in preparation for additional writing projects
  • Work with raw materials (transcripts, workshop notes) to create early drafts of book chapters and other writing projects
  • Write proposals and program/course descriptions
  • Create copy about Miki’s work for BayNVC newsletters and for other outreach efforts
  • Organize and produce talks and presentations from Miki’s materials
  • Provide research assistance as needed
  • Frame topics for Miki to write about in response to relevant current events

Publicity and Outreach

  • Generate opportunities for Miki in organizations and communities
  • Develop relationships with community organizations
  • Seek out and cultivate speaking and media opportunities for Miki


  • Engage with other BayNVC staff to accomplish tasks and goals as needed
  • Take on administrative tasks as needed when others are overbooked


  • Job starts in May 2015 or as soon thereafter as possible.
  • Flexible hours with a minimum of three hours a day, with some availability on weekends especially when Miki travels or teaches (locally or on the phone)
  • Residence in the Bay Area so as to be able to work closely with Miki in her home on a regular basis and to interface with the rest of BayNVC’s staff and with local communities and organizations


  • Salary will vary depending on experience, qualifications, needs, and our own budget. It will likely be in the $45K to $50K range (updated 3/16/15 from previously cited hourly rate)
  • European-style 5-week vacation policy
  • Free tuition is available for BayNVC events (space permitting), including residential trainings if desired. Person hired would be responsible to cover their own room and board costs for residential trainings.
  • Opportunities to apprentice with Miki when she goes into organizations and communities may arise from time to time.


The list below is limited in two ways. First, it is an approximation; an attempt to capture in concrete ways what is, by necessity, an intangible sense of “fit”. In addition, this list describes an ideal candidate, and cannot possibly describe any one specific person. Please use this list as a way to get a flavor of what we are looking for. If you are deeply drawn to this job, and believe yourself to be a good fit for what we are looking for, feel free to apply and tell us why. We are happy to train in those areas for which we already have expertise in-house, or to support you in taking training to gain specific skills so long as the overall “cultural” fit exists for all of us.


  • Extensive experience and facility with writing
  • High level of attention to both “big picture” and detail
  • Capacity to make decisions and complete tasks with minimal direction
  • Delight in creating order and peace
  • Excellent organizational skills with the ability to handle multiple projects, competing priorities, and deadlines while providing consistent status and follow up
  • Flexibility and willingness to shift priorities often
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to find solutions to administrative challenges
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ease in connecting with people
  • Ongoing experience with and commitment to NVC and to nonviolence as a philosophy of life
  • Deep familiarity with Miki’s work and active interest in supporting it


  • Interest in NVC at the level of theory, practice, systemic change, and spirituality
  • Analytic and synthetic capacities
  • Love of the written word
  • Fluidity in terms of writing style (technical, promotional, personal, etc.)


  • Genuine interest in people
  • Passion about bringing NVC to new venues
  • Experience with community organizing
  • Capacity to learn quickly how to engage in different worlds
  • Connections within the Bay Area non-profit world
  • Media connections

Computer Skills

Strong computer skills and ease of learning new software and databases, including in particular:

  • Excellent skills with Microsoft Office, (ideally including advanced features in MS Word such as styles), Excel formulas, and PowerPoint
  • Familiarity with web-based tools
  • Essential graphic design skills

Purpose and Effect

Many of the tasks associated with this new position – everything related to tracking, follow-up, and writing – are currently being done by Miki. Having someone do those tasks instead means that Miki will have her energy available to write more and to develop new projects specifically for the purpose of engaging with social systemic transformation. The rest of the tasks – those related to publicity and outreach – are currently not being done by anyone, or minimally attended to. Having someone join the team who can provide publicity and outreach will mean increasing the visibility of Miki’s work, thereby supporting the possibility of exposing entirely new populations to the potential transformation that Miki’s work can bring. In addition, such exposure will aim to create new sources of income, once again supporting Miki in reducing her primary focus on generating sufficient revenue to support everyone’s livelihood and freeing up her resources to engage elsewhere.

Application Process

Please send cover letter, resume, and a relevant sample of your writing to jobs@baynvc.org. In your cover letter, please address each of the following points:

  • What draws you to this job?
  • What aspects of Miki’s work are particularly inspiring for you, and why?
  • How do you see yourself contributing in this job?
  • How do you envision an ideal relationship between you and Miki? In particular, in those times when challenges arise, how do you envision sorting through differences or providing feedback?
  • Do you have any concerns and doubts about the possibility of taking on this job?
  • Is there any area in particular that you would like to see Miki write about? How would you frame the possible contribution she could make in this area?
  • How would you describe to a potential community organization how working with Miki as a consultant could support their functioning?