Supporters of the community of practice

Are you looking for guidance, or an idea of what it means to be a supporter of the community of practice? Are you hoping to understand what supporters roles are and how they help those learning?

Here are some guidelines for you to refer to. We hope these will help incoming and existing supporters in aligning with the purpose of the community of practice, Making Life Work, and our vision of care for all life. We also hope this will clarify the value of supporters, and make more visible their gift to the community. Any and all that supporters give is within their own capacity to offer it, with their full willingness to do so. This is their contribution in the gift economy.

Making Life Work is widely accessible

The purpose of Making Life Work. For You. For Everyone. No Exceptions., is to address financial and regional barriers through providing an online self-paced self-study course on a gift economy basis. This offers an opportunity to broaden the access of NVC and learning in Nonviolence.

The community of practice, in particular, is an opportunity for insight and deeper learning for all Making Life Work participants, this is made possible by the input and care given by supporters.

Supporters contribute the purpose of accessibility

Supporters have significant experience with Nonviolent Communication and principle based teaching, and thus the experience needed to add meaningful input and guidance to learners who have questions about the course material. Read the full list of criteria here, where you can also share a request to join the team.

As a supporter, based on your willingness, capacity, and especially calling might…

  • Be present in the community of practice through reading and responding to posts, comments and messages, such as specific questions of the course materials. This is how you offer your experience-based insight to the community.
  • Give advice on how to find an answer, and/or, choose to direct the attention of another supporter to a discussion that you feel they have a particular and relevant perspective on or take benefit from.

As a supporter, here are some ways contributing can be meaningful to you:

  • You are contributing to the world we are envisioning.
  • This is an opportunity to practice NVC through a principle-based teaching lens by exploring and sharing your own learning with other supporters and participants. 
  • You may share invitations to your own NVC coaching, sessions, courses and related offerings, which we hope to inspire you to do on a gift-economy basis as much as you possibly can.
  • This is a space to collaboratively explore what it means to be consciously forming purpose-oriented use of social technology.

If you are interested in joining the team of supporters, you can view the criteria and make a request to join here