Contributing to Making Life Work. For You. For Everyone. No Exceptions.

Making Life Work is a gift to all participants. All of us who have made this possible are willing, in principle, to walk away without receiving any money. It would be a hardship, and still we are completely open to it, because we are dedicated to living this way.

We are also inviting each of you to move from a market-based approach to a needs-based approach for choosing how much you will give. This often results in discomfort for many people, differently depending on levels of access to resources and how far on the path of liberation from separation and scarcity we have walked.

Contribute Financially

Orienting to gift economy

Giving $25 would help us cover the costs of developing, building and maintaining this course and the community of practice. If $25 is beyond what you are able to give at all, please sign up with $10. And if this is beyond your means, we ask that you only give the amount you are able. We are fully open to anyone choosing to give zero.

On the other hand, for those able to give more than $25, any amount over $25 will be tax-deductible and will support us in continuing to offer this course to anyone, even those without any access to money, and to continue to develop similar content in the future.

Transparency in resource flow and distribution

We aim to provide more transparency about the costs of this course to aid donors in making a decision that cares for the whole of what we are offering. This will also better take into consideration the needs of the community of practice, and will eventually become a financial gift hub to in collaborative distribution of the donations given. We are unsure of what the timeline is for making this information available.