Sharing Materials from Making Life Work

Thank you for your interest in using Miki Kashtan’s materials from Making Life Work. Here are our requests to everyone who is interested in sharing these materials.

Contributing to the Vision

The content of Making Life Work was developed over many years of writing, teaching, visioning, collaborating with others. Given that the many pages of text, practices, and videos are a part of Miki’s life’s work and vision, we have utmost gratitude for your support in how you use and share what we have made available. 

Possible Options for Sharing

We can imagine many pathways for sharing materials from Making Life Work. Some may want to copy and paste sections of text into documents which then become handouts for classes. Others may want to invite their own students to engage with part or all of the course materials directly on the website, to be discussed and digested together in a class. Still others may want to simply share a practice from a particular module. 

Taking Part in our Sustainability

We invite you to contribute to our sustainability and provide energy toward creating more written work by doing any or all of the following: 

  1. Share the materials, and always include the following sentence on documents, “This material originates from Miki Kashtan’s online course Making Life Work, which can be accessed on” If you would like to invite people to access parts or all of the online course, Making Life Work, please let them know about the possibility of contributing, via gift economy, to the sustainability of the course. 
  2. If you are able to contribute financially, and find willingness in your heart, please send a contribution in appreciation of the use of the materials. Click here to make a donation
  3. Let the people you are sharing the materials with know about the course from which the materials originate, and invite them to contribute, if they are moved to, as an expression of appreciation for the gift received.
  4. Let the people who are using the materials know where they can find out more about our work and resources by sharing our websites:
  5. Ask if any of them would like to be notified of training opportunities with us (we do international training) and if so, collect their names and email addresses and send them to us at
  6. If you are an NVC trainer, you may want, in particular, to look at the Principle-Based Teaching packet which has been of assistance to many in sharing NVC. 

The combination of these requests greatly contributes to our trust that our work is held with care, and to our joy in sharing what we create freely.