Miki on race and safety: her first piece at openDemocracy

by Miki Kashtan

The global web magazine based in London, UK, openDemocracy has a section called “Transformation – Where love meets social justice.” Miki was recently invited to contribute there and her first piece went up today:

How we talk about race and safety can really make a difference.

Check it out! It’s based in part on conversations and stories from her free conference call series, Facing Privilege.

And by the way, you are welcome to join those twice-monthly conversations. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next ones (Feb 17 and 27)  discuss this new piece of hers in openDemocracy, along with whatever issues people want to raise from their own lives.

One thought on “Miki on race and safety: her first piece at openDemocracy

  1. Terry "Td" Doherty

    Yahoo! Miki! Yipee, Amen and Hot Dog! Your platform is growing like a well watered plant stretching up toward the sun! You go my darling One. Love and Hugs. Td from Texas


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