Miki’s Books

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The Little Book CoverThe Little Book of Courageous Living

With grace, acuity, and humor, Miki Kashtan has shared with thousands of people on five continents how to live from love, courage and truth – in every moment, in thought, word, and deed. This book of brief quotes makes a perfect gift. See our page on the Little Book and buy here.

Spinning Threads of Radical Aliveness: Transcending the Legacy of Separation in our Individual Lives


Do you carry within you a longing for an entirely different world?

One which is aligned with our human needs, in which we collaborate with each other and the natural world, in which separation, scarcity, and powerlessness are a thing of the past?

If so, this book will give you an extraordinary gift by serving as a blueprint for how you can become a one-person model of what life could be like. See our page on Spinning and buy here.

Reweaving Our Human Fabric: Working Together to Create a Nonviolent Future

Reweaving Final front cover smallThis visionary new work  includes fictional stories from the future that describe in detail how things could be in a world designed to respond to human needs. Miki calls these stories “Wisdom Tales from the Future.” You can read three of them here:

  • It’s Water Again. A vision of how major regional conflicts are resolved in a post-coercion world.
  • What Can I Do? A vision of empathic support leading to self-awareness in a world where everyone’s work is chosen and meaningful.
  • Starting Life Again. A vision of elders contributing to the next generation.

See our page on Reweaving and buy here.

Without Flinching – a novel of healing and transformation

Miki is offering her novel on a gift economy basis. See here.