Founder – Miki Kashtan

Visit Miki’s personal website here,, to learn more about her personal practice, commitments, and offerings.

Miki Kashtan – Founder

Vision Mobilization – Emma Quayle

Emma Quayle – Vision Mobilization

Word Weaver and Content Curator – Roberta Werdinger

Roberta Werdinger, Word Weaver and Content Curator for Miki Kashtan

Roberta Werdinger – Word Weaver and Content Curator

Editors for Miki’s writings

Aimee Ryan, Anna Kassulke, Ayesha Drury, Jessie Morey, Jihan McDonald, Leslie Becknell Marx, Lynda Smith, Melissa, and Rachel Turiel act as a pool, picking up blog posts, articles, chapters, and such as available and willing. Some of them also act as digital publishing assistants (they invented the title!) by searching for images and posting to the website.


Christina Honde, Dave Young, and Reba Falko transcribe calls as they are moved to or by request from Miki

Recordings editors

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