Producer for “Making Life Work”


The Fearless Heart team is seeking a candidate to take full ownership of bringing to completion and launching the self-study course that Miki designed.

This will entail everything starting with assessing what’s needed for completion all the way to launching the course and maintaining ongoing momentum in marketing and support structures for learners.

While it’s extremely difficult to envision because of the nature of a project like this, and because of where we are in the process, we anticipate it taking between six months to a year to get to a launch date for the project.

We have a unique environment that is a laboratory for all that we teach and bring to the world. We apply what we learn in our team to the work that we bring to the world, and what we learn from our clients to our work with each other. This is exhilarating, inspiring, and challenging work that calls us to stretch and grow beyond what is expected and supported by the world’s dominant social structures. One core aspect of our work together is significant and ongoing experimentation with collaboration and power sharing. We have also taken steps toward embracing need-based (as distinct from exchange- or market-based) approaches to money, including, more and more, our own salaries.

Note: Although this is not an ongoing offer of employment, we believe that when this project is complete other, similar projects are likely to evolve for potential continued partnership.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Overseeing final edits of written and video materials
  • Supporting development person (when hired) to design and implement a crowdfunding strategy
  • Deciding on formats, packaging, and related elements
  • Working with videographer, publisher, graphic designer, and others to complete physical production
  • Developing and implementing a publicity plan intended to branch beyond the NVC community
  • Designing and executing plans to create online learning communities


This is a highly responsible and independent position where new logistical, technological, and infrastructural challenges are likely to arise frequently. As such, we are looking for a candidate who thrives on problem solving, learning, and applying new skills and capacities quickly.

Because of this, we are looking for a sense of fit more than a list of skills. “Fit” here refers both to the qualities below as well as to alignment with the way we work.


  • Motivation:
    • Determination and persistence in reaching goals
    • Passion and enthusiasm
    • Inner-directedness
    • Honed intuition and self-trust
    • Willingness to face and solve problems as they arise
  • Vision:
    • Strategic thinking
    • Clear, bold vision and sense of purpose
  • Use of resources:
    • Ability to learn new skills, technologies, and systems and implement whatever is needed for a project to succeed
    • Strength in creating systems and infrastructure for highly efficient operations
  • Relationships:
    • Intuitive understanding and experience in connecting with a wide range of people
    • Full ease with both people and data
    • Ability to work collaboratively with consultants, staff, and anyone who is involved with the project
  • Service:
    • Ability to derive deep satisfaction through contribution to a higher purpose
    • Belief in the value and the potential effect of the work
  • Other:
    • Exceptional writing capability
    • Flexibility and adaptability

Desired experience and knowledge:

  • Business planning
  • Budgeting
  • Production of materials
  • Marketing
  • Social media
  • Customer service
  • Technological systems

The ideal candidate will need to be fully aligned with the radical vision that infuses all of Miki’s work and function as a bridge-builder for that vision in the world, to meet people where they are.


  • This project can be done from anywhere
  • Start time is flexible
  • Financial arrangements will be determined jointly based on needs, scope of work, and funding streams available, and the business plan generated

Application Process

Step 1: Send a complete application including the following:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Sample business plan or nearest relevant document you have prepared in the past (for any project or business)
  • Answers to the questions below as a way to explore the level of fit between us:
    • What attracts you to taking on this project?
    • How would you approach the task of creating a business plan for this project?
    • What are your top three questions you would like us to address to help you decide if this position is for you?

To apply, please send your materials to

Step 2: Review of applications and interviews

Step 3: One or more candidates submit a business plan for this project

Step 4: Second interview and final selection of candidate