Audio recordings

The Capacity Lens as a Path to Reinvent Ourselves and Our Organizations

This is an interview with Miki and Emma Quayle (one of the founders of NGL) on the Leadermorphosis Podcast with Lisa Gill. exploring the capacity lens as something that can support us in avoiding overwhelm, deciding who does what and interrupting the recreation of dominant patterns like force or coercion within our organizations. They speak to the personal and relational dimensions of engaging with the capacity lens and what those within more traditional organizations can do to experiment within their spheres of influence. You can find the audio recording here.

My Life and My Peace Work

This is an interview conducted by Martin Winiecki from Tamera at their weekly matinée gathering on 15 Oct 2023. Miki talks about elements of her life and thought, including vulnerable expressions about what life has been like for her. You can listen to the audio recording of the interview here.

Omni-Win Project podcast

In July 2022 Miki was on the Omni-Win Project podcast. Her topic was “Reclaiming Our Power with Nonviolence,” which is both an audio and a video.

Nonviolence in Everyday Life

In July 2022, four members of the Nonviolent Global Liberation (NGL) community were interviewed by Stephanie van Hook and Michael Nagler from the Metta Center for Nonviolence on the topic of “Weaving nonviolence into the fabric of everyday life.” The link includes the audio and a transcript about our work. I really like the way they framed it: “building a truly nonviolent world, one experiment with truth at a time.

Aliveness & Flow

On December 23, 2021 Miki was interviewed for the “Hurry Slowly” podcast hosted by Jocelyn Glei. They focused in depth on similar questions about accumulation, flow, exchange, and where we are within the distribution of wealth in the world.

What Matters Most

Miki in conversation with Paul Samuel Dolman on October 11, 2020, on Episode #725 of his podcast, What Matters Most.

2-Part Podcast on Accidental Gods

A podcast interview with Manda Scott in April 2019. In Part 1: Episode #29  Imagineering: ReWeaving the Human Fabric with Miki Kashtan, Miki lays out the baselines of choice, of the ways we can think and feel and be beyond the confines of our patriarchal system. Part 2: Episode #30  Imagineering: Weaving a Flourishing Future with Miki Kashtan explores the futures we could reach if we all committed to choice and change.

Live coaching of Charisse Minerva Trueheart

This coaching session is posted with permission here. This session felt so rich to all, that we transcribed it, and then I wrote a post called Sharing Impacts for Liberation that is based on the recording.

The Case for a Gift Economy

A podcast interview with Eric Torenberger in April 2019 can be found here.

The Inseperability of Psychological & Social Transformation

A podcast interview with David Thorson on March 4, 2019 can be found here.

Facing Our Privilege for Personal Liberation

A February 2019 interview of Miki by KPFA host Timothy Regan. Miki presents clear and liberating guidance on how to deal with the reality that we have more than someone else. It’s hard to face the truth of our privileges and unearned advantages, and when we do face them, there are at least 4 negative traps that we humans fall into.

Miki describes these 4 traps, and provides positive responses for each of them, and she offers processes that can free our thinking and our creativity so we can participate in a world beset with painful divisions in life-giving ways.

Change in the Face of Opposition

On the first day of Donald Trump’s presidency, we shared a link to an 8-minute interview, “How You Can Truthfully Impact CHANGE, Even Through Opposition!,” that Miki did on KGO Radio on Jan 16, Martin Luther King Day.

Building a Healthy Movement

Panel Discussion with Miki KashtanCharles Eisenstein & Dominic Barter.  Three original and deep thinkers in discussion with each other. What could be better?

This was part of the Politics of Love & Justice Summit, a free online event in 2015 integrating spirituality and activism to build a sustainable, caring world. For more information, please visit their site. This recording is a copyright of The Shift Network. All rights reserved.

A 13-Minute Meditation on Needs

A  guided meditation by Miki on being fully at ease with your needs

Three interviews from 2015-16, each about an hour long:

  • People on People is a podcast about human systems transformation. Miki’s on their very first episode discussing Convergent Facilitation and collaborative leadership. Check it out here.
  • Peace Paradigm Radio at the Metta Center for Nonviolence: Miki speaks here about Convergent Facilitation.
  • The KPFA show Women’s Magazine invited Miki to discuss Reweaving Our Human Fabric and her vision of a nonviolent world. Listen here.