On this page: Miki’s popular videos of trainings on Naturalizing NVC, given in India; a 3 minute intro to a workshop she held in the West Bank on Convergent Facilitation; an hour and a half on Maximizing Willingness for Collaborative Decision-Making; a talk about bullying; and an interview about empathy.

Visit the Nonviolent Global Liberation (NGL) YouTube Channel where more videos are posted from time to time, many of which Miki is a part of, including some in Spanish.

Exiting the Either/Or Trap: Beyond Consensus vs. Command and Control. A 90 minute talk by Miki through the East Point Peace Academy in May of 2020.

An interview with Nicole Farkouh as part of the Visionary Leadership Summit in Feb 2018 offered through can be found at this link.

Miki leads a workshop on Naturalizing NVC at the 2012 International NVC convention in Orissa, India (4 more videos from this event are included below):

Miki Kashtan held a 4-day Convergent Facilitation workshop for Israelis, Palestinians and others in the West Bank in 2013. She wrote about the workshop here. This 3-minute video was created to describe and raise funds for the workshop. (Although the cover image here is mysteriously taken from the Indian workshop below it, this is a different video!)

Miki Kashtan on group decision-making at the 2011 Making Collaboration Real Conference in San Francisco:

Miki gives a keynote speech, titled “For the Benefit of all Children: A Compassionate Perspective on Bullying,” at a community conference held by the Albany Unified School District in CA in 2011. Her blog post about it is here.

Miki is interviewed by  Edwin Rutsch for the Empathy Documentary Project. Taped on May 22, 2009 at the BayNVC offices in Oakland CA. Some questions asked: What is Empathy? What does it feel like? What is a metaphor for empathy? What are benefits of sharing empathy? And personal stories of having learned an insight into the nature of empathy. Edwin’s interviews with other BayNVC trainers are here. See also the Center for Building a Culture of Empathy.

Four further videos from India in 2012:

NVC & Inner Peace, Part 1 (23:49) –

NVC & Inner Peace, Part 2, Body Exercise (4:13) –

NVC & inner peace Part 3 – Wanting & detachment, strategic discomfort (13:44) –

NVC & inner peace Part 4 – Commitment to freedom (9:13) –

The Conflict Hotline: From 2009-11 Berkeley Community Television broadcast 22 episodes of the Conflict Hotline, a monthly television show featuring Miki Kashtan and other BayNVC trainers. A Conflict Coach, usually Miki, guided other trainers and practitioners through role-plays in order to support callers and other viewers in learning about using NVC for resolving conflicts and for healing. Many people found this to be an exciting way to bring NVC alive for viewers. You can watch a trailer (3:25), here. See descriptions of the 22 episodes with links to the videos here, or go straight to search the videos on the BayNVC YouTube channel here.

“I have sent the link to a few hundred people because I believe that those videos can change the world.” Ariane Korth, Stuttgart, Germany