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Visit the Nonviolent Global Liberation (NGL) YouTube Channel where more videos are posted from time to time, many of which Miki is a part of, including some in Spanish.

Visit the Convergent Facilitation Youtube Channel, initiated in 2021, for inspiration and learning on the topic.

Real World Co-Intelligence Community Call – In May 2024 Miki Kashtan, Emma Quayle, Verene Nicholas and Alper Suzer all joined the interactive learning call sharing the radical yet practical experiments rooted in nonviolence, from reconceptualising intimacy and family to designing models of governance through sharing about core aspects of the NGL Community: The Vision mobilization framework, The Financial Gift Hub (FGH) and how the community works on gift economy principles, Convergent Facilitation, Liberation for all and Nonviolence. You can find the link to the interview here.

A rich and tender conversation took place around how we can bring NVC to our activism, empowering us with hope, solidarity, trust, experimentation, and increased capacity – In May 2024, Miki Kashtan and NVC educator, activist and artist Jen Gergen entered into a tender and rich Instagram Live conversation about how to bring NVC to our activism, empowering us with hope, solidarity, trust, experimentation, and increased capacity. You can find the link to the interview here.

The Work that Reconnects Webinar Series: Maternal Gift Economy – In January 2024, Miki Kashtan and Jo delAmor conversed about the possibility of shifting to the new and ancient paradigm that Genevieve Vaughan calls the Maternal Gift Economy, where we focus on sharing resources based on care for everyone’s needs, where we recognize our interconnectedness with all life, and where we know our power to participate in making life work.

Special Event: The Gift of Women Talking About War and Terror – In January 2024 Miki was part of a session hosted by the Maternal Gift Economy Movement to discuss the gaping wound in the conscience of our time held within the ongoing war in Gaza. Miki’s contribution to the discussion begins here – focused around her personal decision to leave Israel, the complexity of the cycles of violence and the victims within them and the deep roots of the impacts of patriarchy, capitalism, colonialism and imperialism that need to be metabolized and shifted in the direction of acknowledging our shared humanity. A link to the full discussion can be found here.

True Justice, True Peace: Practicing Nonviolence in Times of Great Harm – In December 2023 Miki was part of a panel discussion alongside Sami Awad and Kazu Haga hosted by the Buddhist Peace Fellowship in a deeply needed conversation compassionately holding tensions between simultaneous truths to help us remain engaged with a fierce heart to the current crisis in Gaza and Israel-Palestine and disrupt cycles of violence. They explored what each one of us can do to transform the conditions within us and around us, within the specific circumstances in which we find ourselves and what can we each do to hold with reverence our own and everyone else’s humanity in the process, without exception or discrimination. You can find the 90 minute recording with ASL interpretation and closed captions transcript available here.

Reawakening the Radical Potential of NVC in Facing the Impacts of Capitalism – During the European Online Nonviolent Communication Festival in December 2023 Miki explores what happened to NVC and what can we do, every day, to continue the unfinished work that Marshall started in the direction of questioning all the assumptions about how our societies work and intended to contribute to transforming what he called the “Monopoly Capitalistic System” into collaborative resource sharing. You can find the recording of the session here.

The Maternal Gift Economy as a Radical Alternative to Exchange and Accumulation – A Panel Discussion held by the NGL Community and the Maternal Gift Economy Movement in November 2023 that starts with the premise of exploring how gifting continues to be the bedrock of what sustains human life even though its practical and widespread use is largely made invisible within the (unequal) exchange economy. Miki alongside Selene Aswell, Genevieve Vaughan, Leticia Layson, Sherri Mitchel and Cassie Thorton engage in a discussion exploring how pre-patriarchal principles of gifting move us in the direction of orienting to needs and sustaining all life on planet Earth – even when our societies function within centralized, coercive economies of destruction. You can find the video of the panel discussion here.

Liberation for All: Bringing Tenderness to Conversations about Power and Privilege – In November 2022 Miki was part of a webinar and conversation cafe series with the Work that Reconnects Network where she explores how to transform conversations about Power and Privilege even while the systems we live in are unchanged. You can view the recording here.

Needs and Gifting in a Post-Patriarchal World – In November 2022 Miki was one of nine people interviewed by Alice Leibowitz for the series Finding Solid Ground in a Spiraling World: How to Be Your Clearest and Strongest Self at this Moment in History within Alice’s project “Conversations Against Fascism” inspired by Miki’s “Responding to the Call of Our Times” course. This interview focuses on power dynamics, patriarchy, and restoring flow through maternal gifting economies with the aim of creating more equitable and sustainable systems. The recording of the interview is available to view here.

Reclaiming Our Power with Nonviolence: In July 2022 Miki was on the Omni-Win Project podcast. Her topic was “Reclaiming Our Power with Nonviolence,” which is both an audio and a video

Living a Gift Economy within an Exchange World: In July 2022 Miki offered a presentation in Tamera to them with thinking about how a gift economy approach might work for them. The first part of my presentation was deliberately general, so that it could be shared with others, and here is the link: “Living a Gift Economy within an Exchange World.” The slides for this presentation can be found here, where Miki made the original presentation that this was based on.

What’s Mine to Do? Vision, Action, and Mourning in the Face of Collapse. In May 2022, Miki led a session in Sarah Peyton’s yearlong Resonance and Climate series. Her session can be accessed here (Sarah’s website) or here (YouTube).

The Limits of Empathy and the Practice of Purpose-Oriented Healing. Miki participated in the 2022 “Time for Empathy” event held by Empathic Way Europe. You can view her 2-hour, March 8 session here. In this session Miki took a look at liberation as increasing our capacity to mobilize towards our vision. Within this approach, we lean on purpose and on practical and specific agreements to move us where we want to go, going for empathy and healing only when no other pathways exist.

Change and Liberation. Miki was interviewed by Martin Kirchner as part of Pioneers of Change in March 2022. In this conversation, Martin and Miki touched on many topics related to Miki’s work, including in particular thoughts about how change comes about and how we orient to liberation and to change. The interview is in English, but the website is in German and there may be a dialogue box in German that you need to navigate to access the video. You can watch a short interview clip here, and the full interview here.

The Transformation of the Gifts of Life into Money: In February of 2022 Miki was a guest along with Vandana Shiva and Cassie Thornton on the gift economy salon with Genevieve Vauaghn. Full information about the event is here. The recording can be accessed on that page or directly on YouTube here.

Transcending Scarcity, Separation and Powerlessness: Miki was interviewed on December 27, 2021 by Manasi Saxena, a former student, colleague, and fierce leader who inspires Miki regularly with her work in India. This was A Living Bridges conversation in support of their fundraiser and overall work. Miki totally loved the conversation which primarily touched on integrative pathways and systemic perspectives.

What Could Possibly Go Right?: an interview with Vicki Robin (Episode 61, recorded November 16, 2021) In this series sponsored by the Post Carbon Institute, Vicki interviews a wide variety of individuals regarding where they see possibility or hope. Miki speaks to the possibility for transformation in the collaborative problem solving that is evolving in the midst of social and infrastructure breakdown. See the interview with Miki, here.

Non-Monetary Resources: Envisioning New Exchange: Miki was on a panel for the Festival of What Works November 2-7, 2021 put together by the Salmon Nation. The panel featured several women leaders in various areas. The conversation was rich, and of course she talked about leaving exchange behind all together for full resource flow.

Connecting Across the COVID-19 Pandemic Vaccination Divide: In October 2021, as part of Miki’s Responding to the Call of Our Times annual course, Miki led participants in an exploration of connecting with and understanding those with polar opposite beliefs and perspectives about COVID-19 pandemic vaccination. This is an 84 min video that goes into the depth of how such connections can be made even when very strong disagreements exist, including what we need to do to internally be able to make those connections.

Food, Health, Community, and Capitalism: an interview with Adigo Atabo (Recorded October 2021) Adigo is hosting a summit on the topic of “Reverse Disease with Personalized Nutrition” and interviewed Miki on the intersection between this topic and Miki’s work. Unlisted on the NGL Channel until after the conference, here.

Empathy and Parenting: Video of Inbal Kashtan speaking about empathy and parenting, courtesy of NVC Academy.

Sugar, Screens, and Parenting: In this 12-minute video, Arnina Kashtan, Lisa Rothman, and Miki Kashtan touch on a topic near and dear to many parents: how to engage with our children about difficult topics such as sugar and screens. In this video they share insights about the nature of choice, for both children and adults, and how these difficult conversations can be an opportunity for supporting everyone’s growing choice as families come to more togetherness about their choices in many areas.

The Highest Common Denominator. For the entire book launch recording (which occurred in January 2021), and shorter clips from the same event, visit page about the book.

From Power Over to Power With: An Interview of Miki at Tamera in Portugal Martin Winiecki interviews Miki on a wide range of topics about community, the gift economy, decision-making, creating systems to support the shift from patriarchy, global governance, and more. Recorded on June 23, 2021, this video is approximately 78 minutes long and can be viewed on YouTube, here.

Radical Care. On March 23, 2021 Miki was part of an extraordinary conversation on the topic of “Radical Care” that brought her together with artist Cassie Thornton in a conversation put together by A Blade of Grass, which is an organization committed to supporting socially engaged artists. Moderated by Kaira Jewel, the conversation went deep and radical, uncovering how capitalism has made care for self and other mediated through money and exchange, thereby less available to all. The conversation also touched on the vision of radical care possible when we take everyone’s needs into account.

Three Shifts Needed for Self-Managing Organisations to Thrive – In September of 2019 Miki was interviewed on the Leadermorphosis podcast hosted by Lisa Gill. Together they discussed the three different places shifts need to occur in order for a self-managing human system to thrive, and how we can start to talk about needs more in order to awaken the collective responsibility of groups of people working together. Miki also shares the five core systems we need to redesign in our organisations as well as the mindset shifts and dialogue skills needed to develop in order to collaborate on a deeper, more purposeful level. You can find the audio, video and transcript of this interview here.

Why Capitalism Must Go (six clips) explores why capitalism can’t be redeemed, alternatives to Capitalism, how greed is not part of human nature it’s manufactured, why we can’t put our greed in the drawer, and how to address excess wealth. View these clips here.

Convergent Facilitation as a Decision Making Process. This is excerpts from a conversation on the topics. See the all the clips here.

This folder contains 8 files, 7 individual clips and a compilation of all the clips:

  1. Input from random sampling, inviting specific stakeholders, or both
  2. Framing non-polarizing purpose and moral authority
  3. Why to start with opposing viewpoints early
  4. Why you don’t need to hear every voice
  5. How to reframe controversial terms
  6. What Vision Mobilization is
  7. Why we don’t want to start from scratch

Empathy Across Power Differences is the recording of a March 13, 2021, online workshop with Miki, hosted by “Time for Empathy” a project of Empathic Way Europe. The video is approximately 75 minutes long and can be viewed via vimeo here, or YouTube here.

Exiting the Either/Or Trap: Beyond Consensus vs. Command and Control. A 90 minute talk by Miki through the East Point Peace Academy in May of 2020.

Interview with Nicole Farkouh as part of the Visionary Leadership Summit in Feb 2018 offered through can be found at this link.

Miki leads a workshop on Naturalizing NVC at the 2012 International NVC convention in Orissa, India (4 more videos from this event are included below):

4-day Convergent Facilitation workshop for Israelis, Palestinians and others in the West Bank in 2013. She wrote about the workshop here. This 3-minute video was created to describe and raise funds for the workshop. (Although the cover image here is mysteriously taken from the Indian workshop below it, this is a different video!)

Miki Kashtan on group decision-making at the 2011 Making Collaboration Real Conference in San Francisco:

For the Benefit of all Children: A Compassionate Perspective on Bullying. A keynote speech at a community conference held by the Albany Unified School District in CA in 2011. Her blog post about it is here.

Miki is interviewed by Edwin Rutsch for the Empathy Documentary Project. Taped on May 22, 2009 at the BayNVC offices in Oakland CA. Some questions asked: What is Empathy? What does it feel like? What is a metaphor for empathy? What are benefits of sharing empathy? And personal stories of having learned an insight into the nature of empathy. Edwin’s interviews with other BayNVC trainers are here. See also the Center for Building a Culture of Empathy. 

Videos from India in 2012

NVC & Inner Peace, Part 1 (23:49) –

NVC & Inner Peace, Part 2, Body Exercise (4:13) –

NVC & inner peace Part 3 – Wanting & detachment, strategic discomfort (13:44) –

NVC & inner peace Part 4 – Commitment to freedom (9:13) –

The Conflict Hotline: From 2009-11 Berkeley Community Television broadcast 22 episodes of the Conflict Hotline, a monthly television show featuring Miki Kashtan and other BayNVC trainers. A Conflict Coach, usually Miki, guided other trainers and practitioners through role-plays in order to support callers and other viewers in learning about using NVC for resolving conflicts and for healing. Many people found this to be an exciting way to bring NVC alive for viewers. You can watch a trailer (3:25), here. See descriptions of the 22 episodes with links to the videos here, or go straight to search the videos on the BayNVC YouTube channel here.

“I have sent the link to a few hundred people because I believe that those videos can change the world.” Ariane Korth, Stuttgart, Germany