Apart and Together

This nine part series of interviews, blogposts, as well as video clips with Miki Kashtan, is a response to the opportunities that the Covid-19 pandemic opens up for creating change, individually and collectively. Cracks in our lives are exposing another way of living that cares for the well-being of us all; humans, and all other living beings on the planet and the planet itself.

This page will be updated as new videos are released. Intro texts are not written by Miki Kashtan, and are written by Melissa Pai Ling, who is one of The Fearless Heart’s digital publishing assistants.

The Articles and Interviews

Responding to Opportunity in Extreme Times – Part 1/9

This pandemic is an immense opportunity, and a dire catastrophe in the making. It’s a crisis within many planetary crises — during which, our habits as individuals, and as a collective, are challenged because they don’t sustain us. Now we are pushed to respond freshly and join forces in ways that seemed impossible before.

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Addressing Needs beyond Market Economies – Part 2/9

Within the pandemic, limitations of our market economies are more visible. Extreme need is exposed when the economy is collapsing and so many people are without jobs. We can now see how it’s possible to direct resources where they are most needed, solely out of care and interconnection. This is a call to explore a more viable way of living, that centers relationship over transaction.

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Grounding in Interconnection and Solidarity – Part 3/9

Human health is connected to the health of ecosystems and other societies. Our wellness and liberation is found in our interconnection, kinship, reverence for life, and solidarity. Solidarity erodes through narratives, practices and policies that separate us from each other — and this impacts societal functioning. The breakdown creates conditions for pandemic, racism, police brutality, exploitation in untold numbers, and is ultimately the path to extinction. How is this all connected? 

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Finding Systemic Solutions to Systemic Problems – Part 4/9

Society gives us short-sighted explanations about human nature, life and what’s (un)changeable. The coronavirus pandemic is disrupting that explanation. Our current social order upholds impoverishment, police brutality, and is leading us towards our extinction. Change begins with people mobilizing resources towards a vision that holds systemic care for all, plus engages shared risk and collective action towards that vision.

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Restoring Dignity and Meaning to Work and Separating it from Sustainability – Part 5/9

Even in the pandemic the line between what’s essential for people and what is “essential” for fueling the economy, often gets confused. Capitalist market economies actively undermine attending to needs for the many and for life as a whole. Economic recovery is a mirage leading to continued collective oppression. This article explores possible ways to bring us closer to attending to our actual needs — and caring for self, others and life.

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Accepting our Vulnerability to Consume Less – Part 6/9

The pandemic has unsettled deep patterns of consumption. There’s a fear, and with it comes the mindset that is the heart of rampant consumption; habits which are essential to the market economy’s “economic recovery”. High consumption is also the most direct cause of environmental degradation. What do we need in order to significantly reduce consumption for our greater resilience and freedom, and to increase our planetary and human sustainability? 

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Additional Media

The Nonviolent Global Liberation channel contains more shorter clips in relation to Apart and Together. Click here to go to this channel.