Local to Global Collaboration: An Integrative System to Address Planetary Challenges

This page contains links to all the documents that are part of the proposal for a global governance system submitted to the competition announced by the Global Challenges Foundation in Sweden. The submission took place in September 2017, and was the product of a significant group of people, with input from many, including people from the global south as well as those with an indigenous perspective. The ideas for this proposal emerged from the vision put forth in Reweaving Our Human Fabric: Working Together to Create a Nonviolent Future.

Here’s what you can find through the links available here:

Introduction (1,000 words)

A synopsis of the model and the problem it serves to remediate.

Future Vision (1,000 words)

A vision of a world in which this model is implemented.

Full Description (5,500 words)

The full description of the proposed model as well as the process of transition from our current systems to the proposed one.

Arguing for the Criteria (2,750 words)

Organized based on the criteria that the Global Challenge Foundation put forth for the submissions. For each of the criteria, the document contains the principles used to apply it to the proposal, and how the proposal attends to this criterion.


All the references present in any of the previous documents.


A graphic representation of the proposed model and is designed to support understanding of the other documents rather than to be reviewed on its own. Note: the foundation limited graphics representation to two pages.