Sharing Materials

Thank you for your interest in using Miki and Inbal Kashtan’s materials available through The Fearless Heart. Here are our requests to everyone who wants to use the materials we create. We welcome you to direct any questions to to receive a more specific response if helpful. 

Contributing to the Vision

Miki developed some of these resources in collaboration with her sister Inbal Kashtan who died in 2014. It was their long-standing hope and dream to contribute to a bright vision of a world that works for all through NVC training and materials. Your sharing of what we provide here contributes to that dream.

Given that the many handouts, hundreds of pages of reference materials, many dozens of worksheets and journals and much more are the life’s work of Inbal and Miki, we have utmost gratitude for your support in how you use and share what we have made available.

Taking Part in our Sustainability

We invite you to contribute to our sustainability and provide energy toward creating more written work by doing the following: 

  1. If what you want to share is a learning packet, please simply direct people to the learning packet page. Since they are offered for download on a gift economy basis, without a paywall, they remain fully accessible to anyone. This will support our sustainability directly, without any further requests from you.
  2. For all other materials, we are happy for you to share them directlly, and ask that you always include the copyright and contact information on the materials so people can reach us directly. If the copyright line on the materials specifically requests that you not share, this is because materials are still in development and it’s premature to share them. If you have a specific reason to override this request that, based on your understanding of Miki’s values and purpose she is likely to align with, please contact Miki directly at for further discussion.
  3. If you are able to contribute financially, and find willingness in your heart, please send a contribution (details below) to NGL in support of our capacity to sustain the work; and/or 
  4. Ask the people you are sharing the materials with to contribute to NGL (details below), if they are moved to. We invite you to tell them why you are moved to support our work to inspire their generosity.
  5. Let the people who are using the materials know where the materials came from, and inform them that they can find out more about our work and resources by visiting our websites: and Ask if any of them would like to be notified of training opportunities with us (we do international training) and if so, collect their names and email addresses and send them to us at
  6. We are in the very slow process of preparing Inbal’s materials for publication. If you would like to contribute specifically to this project, please do so online here, and enter “Publishing Inbal Kashtan’s unpublished writings” in the note field.
  7. If you are an NVC trainer, you may want in particular to look at the Principle-Based Teaching packet, which has been of assistance to many in sharing NVC.

The combination of these requests greatly contribute to our trust that our work is held with care, and to our joy in sharing what we create freely. 

If you have any further questions or concerns, please email us at

Ways to Contribute Financially

  • You can support us financially here.