NVC in Action

NVC in Action CDMany of you have heard Miki’s radio program “The Conflict Hotline,” the call-in radio show that aired on KPFA between 2004 and 2006. We are very excited to announce that excerpts from this radio show are now available. We picked a variety of situations and subjects enabling the listener to witness the power of NVC in action. In her interactions with different callers, Miki models empathy, authentic and vulnerable expression, guidance and coaching. Where relevant, she also shares examples and stories from her own life experience.

Connected Parenting: Nonviolent Communication in Family Life with Inbal Kashtan

connected_parenting_cd“Connected Parenting: Nonviolent Communication in Family Life,” a recording of an introductory workshop given by Inbal Kashtan in 2004 to a statewide parents’ conference. This recording covers the core principles of NVC (for example, all actions are an attempt to meet needs), some key distinctions (such as the difference between needs and strategies), and a wealth of questions and stories that are specific to parenting: working with no; shifting from guilt, shame and rewards/punishment to open-hearted communication and mutual understanding; cultivating responsibility and consideration for others; nurturing compassion for ourselves when we fall short of our values; and transforming parenting to become a path toward peace in the world.

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