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Empathy Hurdles

Empathy Hurdles

A few months ago, my sister Arnina, who lives and teaches Nonviolent Communication in Israel (meitarim.co.il), was telling me about someone who had just taken an action that was very painful for her. Part of the pain, as is almost always the case in such situations, was caused by the …

Expanding the Circle of Care

Expanding the Circle of Care Q: What is the ultimate in codependence?

A: You’re drowning, and somebody else’s life is flashing in front of you.

So runs a joke that captures something fundamental about so many people’s difficulties in putting their own life, needs, and well-being at the center of their attention.

At some point …

Truth, Care, and Words

The Hebrew Bible tells us that “death and life come through the power of the tongue.” My father, who was a (mostly) lay linguist, raised all three of his daughters to be in awe of the power of words to create effects. It’s no wonder that I have dedicated my …