Upcoming Trainings

If you’re excited and curious about the vision and practices that you see in Miki’s writings, and you want to integrate them into your own life and work, then attending a training might be your next step.

A good place to start is the free Fearless Heart Teleseminar every month, where Miki answers questions inspired by her recent blog posts and other writings. You can find the next one on this list of Miki’s trainings.

Beyond the teleseminar, your options include free and paid courses, both in person and telephone-based, led by Miki and by her colleagues at Bay Area Nonviolent Communication. You can find the full calendar of Miki’s events here.

Some Highlights: 

  • Teleseries provided through the NVC Academy
  • Recordings of Miki’s past teleclasses and interviews with the NVC Academy with dozens of offerings of both Miki’s and other trainers’ events.
  • The Fearless Heart Seminars: free monthly conference call discussions with readers of her blog about the issues she raises in her posts. Check calendar for dates and times
  • Facing Privilege Conference Calls: an opportunity for people to engage on the deep questions that arise as we reflect on the question of privilege. Check calendar for dates and times
  • Principle-Based-Teaching Coaching Calls: to support people sharing NVC with others. Check calendar for dates and times

Custom trainings for your organization or local community

Miki offers a wide variety of trainings that are highly interactive and responsive to the needs in the room. Whether focused on intimate relationships or restructuring power relations within a corporation, she offers practical skills people can begin to apply immediately. Topics include:

Convergent Facilitation

Convergent Facilitation

Have you ever dreaded going to a meeting or watched in dismay as a group collapses into conflict? If you regularly find yourself working with groups, this intensive workshop can provide you with powerful tools to support the effective functioning of any group. Learn a unique decision-making process, developed by Miki Kashtan, which you can use to break through a bottleneck within a group, to respond to emergencies quickly, or to guide the entire life cycle of a long-term project.

Based on the principles of Nonviolent Communication, this process is fully collaborative and leads to decisions that stick because they have everyone on board.

Leveraging Your Influence Using Nonviolent Communication

Leveraging Your Influence

The vision of Leveraging Your Influence is to accelerate the transition to a world where everyone’s needs matter. This program is designed to integrate the three dimensions of nonviolence – love, truth, and courage – and weave them deeply into the fabric of our daily lives. When we commit to love, truth, and courage as the foundation and organizing principles of our relationships and work in the world, we follow in the footsteps of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., becoming channels for nonviolent social transformation.

To ‘leverage your influence’ is to raise your capacity to apply this commitment in any context: home, work, organizations, institutions, and communities. It means collaborating effectively, transforming conflict into deeper mutual understanding, and aligning your actions, more and more, with your deepest passions, concerns and hopes for the world.

Cultivating Inner Freedom: Using the Power of Choice to Lead the Life You Want

Cultivating Inner Freedom

Is there a gap between your intentions and how you actually live? Imagine, instead, making choices based on what’s important and meaningful to you despite fear of consequences — even in the face of inner or outer pressure. Imagine the freedom to ask for what you want and offer what you have without fear of rejection or ridicule.

We all know stories about people who maintain their integrity, be it a commitment to nonviolence or an unpopular position, despite the potential of significant cost to themselves. Gandhi’s life and writings, for example, continually point out the vital role of learning to act despite fear in order to embody the spirit of nonviolence. Each one of us has myriad opportunities every day to overcome fear and find the freedom to make choices driven by our values.

More trainings

Miki’s other workshop topics range from collaboration in the workplace to naturalizing Nonviolent Communication. For a complete list, click here to download her course catalog. She also designs and delivers trainings tailored to specific needs within organizations or groups.

If you would like to bring Miki to your area or organization for a training, please fill out the contact form and tell us which of her workshops interest you.