Perspectives on Egypt

by Miki Kashtan

I have been asked to write about what’s been happening in Egypt, and all this time I have felt completely ill-equipped to do so.

Now I am happy to say that I have some links to other responses to the events that I found meaningful and hope you will, too. This is also an opportunity for me to speak about two organizations I have a lot of trust in.

First, here’s a link to an Al-Jazeera video that focuses on one group of protestors that had a leadership role in the events. Most of the video is about how they run the parts that they run. What I found particularly fascinating was a part in which the video points to links between this movement and earlier nonviolent movements, specifically the one in Serbia that toppled Milosevic. I am so heartened to imagine that nonviolent movements do, indeed, build on each other through history.

Second, I want to introduce everyone who is interested in nonviolence in general and in this uprising in particular to connect with an organization that I have deep respect for. It was founded by Michael Nagler, who I consider to be an exceptional visionary and sharp analyst of nonviolence. Their website has an entire section that is about news from a nonviolent perspective, and I would urge you to visit and browse for soak up the vision and beauty.

Third and last, I want to introduce you to Tom Atlee and the Co-Intelligence Institute. Tom wrote a blog entry on the potential next steps in Egypt and what true democracy could mean for a movement that’s as diverse and decentralized as the Egyptian uprising has been. Along the way you will be introduced to Tom’s way of thinking about  governance, which has been inspiring me since 1995 when I first met him.

I am so grateful to have access to all these rich resources to be able to share them with you. I hope this supports a wider perspective for at least some.

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