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“Some Things Are Just Wrong…” Or Are They?

“Some Things Are Just Wrong…”  Or Are They? Sometimes NVC is wholly dismissed by some people precisely because of this. If we are not going to say that rape, or murder, or racism, or Nazism, or communism, or child trafficking, or whatever the person in front of us believes is wrong, then we are wishy washy nonsense, says the person and walks away in a huff.

From Philanthropy to De-Accumulation

From Philanthropy to De-Accumulation The path towards flow is simple and immensely difficult: shedding what we have accumulated and restoring trust in natural abundance after having broken it to create artificial surplus and manufactured scarcity; uncoupling giving from receiving and restoring trust in each other’s capacity for gifting after millennia of exchange; and releasing control and restoring trust in ourselves and our capacity to face hardship after being habituated to fixing every little discomfort with money and technology.